In case of harassment, damages, or theft
Servizio di contro-pedinamento Ravenna

This type of service includes all the investigative activities needed to collect a set of probation items that can be used at trial, in order to effectively identify any offenders who are responsible and by how much. Our work includes:

  • Investigations of harassment, blackmail, or threats: activities aimed at identifying the perpetrator of the above behaviours. We gather useful elements to initiate effective judicial protection; In some cases the intervention is implemented by elaborating a defence and / or prevention plan.

  • Surveillance service surveys carried out to ascertain whether it is subject to scrutiny. Observation activity is monitored, the pedestrians are identified.

  • Investigations of thefts and damages: Identify those who are involved in theft or damage actions.

  • Calligraphic and typographical expertisesearch of fingerprints (comparative surveys) and comparisons, assessments and comparisons on calligraphy or the use of printer machines (data-based surveys).

  • Environmental, electronic, and telephone reclamationsEnvironmental, electronic, and telephone remediation ensures the presence of illicit devices, we are capable of intercepting conversations, data and images.
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