Highly professional private investigations
Investigazioni per recupero credito Ravenna

Established in 1999, our Agency was founded by owner Angelo Giordano, a former Police Officer in the Carabinieri Army. During the 28-year membership in Arm's Operations Departments, he was able to refine his natural investigative skills by conducting national and international investigations into drug trafficking and other major crimes, using investigative techniques such as environmental and telephone interceptions, for example. For this reason he has been recognised both in Italy and abroad, including by the American DEA.

Angelo has been actively working as Consultant-Expert for various bureaus for about 20 years, regarding the listening in, transcription and translation of various idioms, stored on magnetic devices, relating to telephone and environmental interceptions carried out under Judicial authority.

We work regularly in voice surveying and monitoring where we use equipment to identify "the speaker" - a subject's voice - clearly, this type of voice survey (voice biometric indicator) is repeatedly used for AG and technical consultancy (defensive criminal investigations law 397/2000).

After entry into force of Law 397 of 07.12.2000, which contains provisions on defensive criminal investigations, the intervention of the investigator authorized by the client together with the lawyer is essential in the search for the evidence that can be successfully used in a court of law.

To date, we have won many cases using our voice monitoring techniques.


  Private investigations valid for legal proceedings
Indagini anti-stalking Ravenna
  • We listen carefully to the client
  • We select the most useful information for the case
  • We negotiate with the client and establish a mutual aim
  • We recommend the most appropriate operating strategies
  • We provide the Agency's technological resources to get the job done

In the operational phase, we never lose sight of what the client hopes to achieve through the activation of an investigative service, paying close attention to the legal aspects and the implications that our investigations can have in terms of proof.

The report, together with the video or photographic evidence provided by the Agency at the end of the investigation, may, in all legal effects, be used in the course of legal proceedings.
The holder acts in this case as the guarantor of the information collected and can be cited as a witness during the trial.

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