Diag Investigations deals with debt recovery situations
Indagini patrimoniali Ravenna

One of the services offered by the Diag Investigations agency in Ravenna is the one relating to the capital surveys, and creating a clear and accurate picture of the valuation and real estate situation of a person of interest. Thanks to this kind of investigation, it is possible to ascertain the presence, quantity and quality of:

  • Presence of any property
  • Presence of any movable property
  • Income position

The asset survey information tool is of great importance to each creditor and accurate credit recovery information can only be found by authorised investigative agencies.

Another possibility offered by Diag relates to credit recovery investigations, which include carrying out a cost / revenue analysis in order to assess whether a judicial or extra-judicial recovery of credit is a convenience, providing useful elements for the identification of legally enforceable assets. If the investigations carried out are negative and the debtor does not have the means to compensate the creditor, there are, if required, long-term investigations in order to detect favourable customer changes (new employment, acquisition of assets, etc).

Thanks to the professionalism gained through many years of work, the Diag Investigations Agency in Ravenna offers highly qualified and professional investigation services that can make a difference in many legal situations. To contact our staff and book an appointment simply fill in the form in the "Contacts" section of our wensite or call 0544 270202.

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