Diag Investigations deals with fake illness and multiple-employment criminality
investigazioni aziende

The Diag Investigations Agency in Ravenna offers a whole range of investigative options for companies looking to tighten and better manage their personnel.

In particular, our Romagna-based agency, with Angelo Giordano at the helm, offers the following types of employment investigations:

  • Simulation of illness and/or injury: this investigation is aimed at demonstrating the absence of illness or accident as a cause of inactivity at work. In the case of a misdemeanour, the collection of evidence is designed to support a dispute or an interruption of the relationship for a just cause.
  • Pre-employment CV check. Personnel search for the required roles has a very important value in managing the human resources of the enterprise system. The harm caused by a wrong candidacy for the company is relevant in terms of image, economic and emotional resources. Our survey is aimed at verifying the truthfulness of the information stated on the CV and at interview. The candidate's suitability is then evaluated in the light of past experience.
  • Relating to undeclared work: this activity is aimed at collecting evidence of any undeclared activities. In the case of a misdemeanour, the collection of evidence is intended to support a dispute or an interruption of the relationship for a just cause.
  • On the unusual use of business assets and tools: those behaviours that identify any use of company assets and tools for purposes other than those envisaged are established and documented.
  • Relating to unfair competition: the rules qualify unfair competition in: acts capable of creating confusion with the activities of a competitor pursuant to art. 2598, cc; Acts tending to affect the choices of the public incorrectly, adversely affecting the other image and positively on their own ex art. 2598 n. 2, cc; In a residual manner, all acts of competition other than the precedents carried out in a manner incompatible with professional fairness art. 2598 n. 3, cc; Finally, when acts of competition are found to be guilty, the perpetrator shall be liable for damages and the judgment under art. 2600, cc.
  • Breach of the non-competition pact: the investigation is carried out to acquire those elements that are in violation of the non-compete pact, according to the rules in force, between the Customer and the requested party.
  • On the breach of the obligation of loyalty of employees and the secrecy clauses: in the Italian Civil Code art. 2105 imposes an obligation of loyalty to employees. This provision provides for the prohibition of disclosing information about the organisation and methods of production of the undertaking or making use of it in such a way that it may be prejudicial to it; The rule also prohibits a worker from dealing with his own business or third parties in competition with the entrepreneur.
  • For the protection of the trademark: the investigative activity is aimed at the acquisition of evidence on counterfeiting and trademark infringements. The three fundamental offences concerning trademarks are: trademark infringement under art. 473, cp; Trade of products with trademark counterfeit ex art. 474, cp; Trade of products with mark mistapa ex art. 517, cp; Finally, it is foreseen in Art. 514 of the Criminal Code, the offence punishing anyone, placing on the market or putting into circulation, on domestic or foreign markets, industrial products with counterfeit or altered names, trademarks or badges causes a shortage of domestic industry. The investigative investigation is aimed at revealing the authors and the dynamics implemented to make the dolo. Investigations on insider trading With the law of 17 May 1991 n. 157, the ban on the exploitation on the stock exchange of confidential information was introduced in our legislation, in compliance with EEC directive n. 89/592 of 13 November 1989. Our intervention ensures the existence of elements to the eventual confirmation of the offence.
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